Vat dyes

Vat Dyes are one of the most important class of synthetic organic dyes. The are insoluble in water, they can be converted in lueco form by reduction. They have in general good light fastness and wash fastness. We have entire range of Vat dyes to meet the needs of our customers. We can supply them in Micro dispersion/ Crude/semi crude form.

Vat Yellow GCN Yellow 2
Vat Golden Yellow GK Yellow 4
Vat Golden Yellow RK Orange 1
Vat Golden Orange G Orange 15
Vat Yellow 3RT Orange 11
Vat Pink R Red 1
Vat Red 6B Red 13
Vat Violet RRN Violet 3
Vat Brilliant Violet 2R Violet 1
Vat Blue RSN Blue 4
Vat Blue BC Blue 6
Vat Blue 4G Blue 29
Vat Navy Blue RA Blue 18
Vat Brilliant Green FFB Green 1
Vat Black BB Green 9
Vat Brown BR Brown 1
Vat Brown RN Brown 3
Vat Brown RRD Brown 5
Vat Olive T Black 25
Vat Olive R Black 27
Vat Grey 3B Black 16