Acid Dyes

Acid dye class is water soluble class of dyes with anionic properties. The textile acid dyes are effective for protein fibers such as silk, wool, nylon, and modified acrylics. Acid dyes fix to the fibers by hydrogen bonding vander waals forces and Ionic linkages.

Acid Yellow WS Yellow 3
Acid Light Yellow G Yellow 11
Acid Light Fast Yellow 2G Yellow 17
Acid Metanil Yellow R Yellow 36
Acid Fast Yellow MR Yellow 42
Acid Uranine Yellow 73
Acid Yellow GR Yellow 99
Acid Fast Milling Yellow 5GN Yellow 110
Acid Golden Yellow MR Yellow 151
Acid Yellow RL Yellow 194
Acid Yellow E-4RL Yellow 199
Acid Yellow S2G Yellow 220
Acid Orange 3R Orange 3
Acid Orange IJ Orange 7
Acid Light Fast Orange G Orange 10
Acid Orange G Orange 74
Acid Orange G Orange 142
Acid Fast Red EG Red 1
Acid Red B Red 14
Acid Scarlet 3R Red 18
Acid Milling Red G Red 97
Acid Maroon V Red 119
Acid Milling Red 3BN Red 131
Acid Red F2R Red 151
Acid Pink M Red 186
Acid Milling Red 2B Red 249
Acid Scarlet ML Red 357
Acid Red MBR Red 362
Acid Violet 4BN / 5BN Violet 17
Acid Violet 4BS Violet 49
Acid Bordeaux Violet 90
Acid Blue VS Blue 1
Acid Patent Blue AS Blue 7
Acid Patent Blue AS Blue 9
Acid Navy Blue S5R Blue 113
Acid Blue 2G Blue 158
Acid Royal Blue N Mix
Acid Blue MTR Blue 193
Acid Green V Green 16
Acid Dark Green B Green 20
Acid Green N Green 68
Acid Olive Green SG Green 73
Acid Brown RD Brown 14
Acid Brown ER Brown 75
Acid Brown CR Brown 83
Acid Fast Brown 5G Brown 98
Acid Brown NGB Brown 161
Acid Brown NT Brown 165
Acid Brown HG Brown 188
Acid Brown SGR Brown 282
Acid Fast Brown ESR Brown 348
Acid Brown MBR Brown 365
Acid Brown M2RL Brown 365
Acid Brown GOL Brown 422
Acid Brown RL Brown 425
Acid Brown R Brown 432
Acid Brown RL Brown 434
Acid Black 10BX Black 1
Acid Black WA Black 52
Acid Black N-BGL Black 107
Acid Black LDN Black 172
Acid Black MSRL Black 194
Acid Black N Black 210
Acid Black NBR Black 234