Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes is a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. They produce full shades on cotton and linen without mordanting and can also be applied to rayon, silk, and wool. Direct dyes give bright shades but exhibit average wash fastness.

Product Name C.I. Name
Direct Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6
Direct Chrysophenine G Direct Yellow 12
Direct Fast Yellow RL Direct Yellow 86
Direct Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
Direct Fast Orange SE Direct Orange 26
Direct Orange Light Fast TGLL Direct Orange 39
Direct Bordeaux 6B Direct Red 16
Direct Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23
Direct Fast Red 12B Direct Red 31
Direct Red 3B Direct Red 80
Direct Red 5BL Direct Red 81
Direct Pink CM Direct Red 227
Direct Scarlet 6BS Direct Red 239
Direct Blue GLL Direct Blue 71
Direct Turquoise Blue GL Direct Blue 86
Direct Turquoise Blue FBL Direct Blue 199
Direct Black BL Direct Black 22
Direct Black OBN Direct Black 80