Reactive SF dyes

Reactive SF dyes: They are highly purified reactive Printing dyes with exceptionally low anion and cation content. They can be used for manufacturing of Reactive digital printing inks. We have very sophisticated technology to make these products and we guarantee for the consistent quality.

Product Name C.I Name
Reactive Yellow SF Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Orange SF Reactive orange 13
Reactive Red SF Reactive Red 24:1
Reactive Magenta SF Reactive Red 218
Reactive Blue SF Reactive Blue 49
Reactive Grey SF Reactive Black 8
Reactive Cyan SF Reactive Blue 72
Reactive Black SF Reactive Black MIX MCT base
Reactive Black SF-V Reactive Black MIX Vinyl sulphone base
Reactive Brown SF Reactive Brown 11
Reactive Black SF-RL Reactive Black 31
Reactive Navy SF Reactive Black 39