Research & Development

It has been our endeavor and dream to have a research and development department which can fulfill the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have now built a state-of-the-art R&D with modern instruments to solve any challenges of our customers. We have understood the long term benefit of having a well equipped R&D center right from the inception of the project. The role of R&D in today’s competitive market is the need of the hour. We want to differentiate ourselves from others by having a superior R&D facilities. We look beyond time to achieve successful business in future by having a modern R7D facilities today.

The main objective of R&D is

  • Optimization of the process time cycle and batch concentration to supply the competitive products to our valued customers
  • To achieve the stoichiometric proportions of the reactants to minimize the waste generation and to improve the quality of the finished product and achieve sustainable goals
  • To understand the needs of the customers and develop the new products to fulfil the customers requirement.
  • To study the market needs of today and develop new products to meet the challenges of tomorrow